Control the dead soon in this ancient MMO.
Key art visual for the upcoming Necromancy skill that is being added to RuneScape.

Jagex says that the new combat skill, Necromancy, will arrive in RuneScape on August 7, 2023. The Necromancy skill is the first new standalone combat skill to be added to RuneScape in its nearly two-decade long history.

Jagex released a new cinematic trailer to show off the "arcane and dark powers players will be harnessing later this summer." The trailer will show you Death pleading for "the heroes of Gielinor to pick up the dark art of Necromancy to rebalance the cycle of life and death."

Necromancy is free for players uo to level 20. RuneScape is currently available on PC, Steam, iOS, and Android. There is full cross-platform progression between PC and mobile.

Necromancy will be one of RuneScape’s premiere updates for 2023. The new combat style will challenge both experienced and new players alike as they embrace their inner darkness and learn this ancient combat art across a lore-filled and deep adventure.

Players will enter Gielinor’s underworld to commune and free the undead. Together they will grow their powers and defeat the First Necromancer. Wielding a Death Guard and Skull Lantern, players will battle fearsome enemies throughout Gielinor and the underworld, perfecting their Necromancy combat, Rituals and Runecrafting skills.​