Dress as Kratos while rocking a Ghost shell from The Last of Us.
Screenshot showing a Destiny 2 Guardian fishing.

The newest season for Destiny 2 released today. With today's release of Season of the Deep, there are new story missions to play through, a new dungeon, updates to the PvP Crucible modes, new and updated weapons and gear, and more. Part of that "and more" seems to be the addition of fishing! That's neat.

Perhaps just as neat is a little partnership Bungie made with PlayStation to bring some themed gear in to the world of Destiny 2. Several popular PlayStation IPs such as The Last of Us, God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, and Horizon have special themed items this season. There is some Titan armor that looks like Kratos, Hunters have armor inspired by Aloy from Horizon, while Warlocks have Ghost of Tsushima gear. There is a new Ghost shell that looks like the Infected from The Last of Us.

This partnership was probably really easy to come by due to Sony owning Bungie and all. The good news here is the fact that these themed items are not limited to the PlayStation platform! Some other themed items include a Clicker Sparrow and ship as well as an emote inspired by Ratchet & Clank.

Image of the three Destiny 2 Guardian classes wearing themed gear from several different PlayStation IPs.

The first of two new dungeons releasing this season will open on this Friday at 10AM (PT). As with most Destiny 2 dungeons, this will feature unique gear for those that can conquer the increased difficulty of this content.

Those who enjoy the game's PvP content, Crucible, will be happy to hear there is an updated map, Meltdown, returning for this season of content. There are also changes coming to Trials of Osiris. A more detailed look at the Crucible update can be found in the May 4th "This Week at Bungie."

Finally, Bungie says that their charity drive during the recent Guardian Games pulled in over $145,000 (USD) for Direct Relief and the International Rescue Committee. The top teams competing earned some special prizes for their accomplishments, with the most charitable team being named "DEVLOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS." Ah, a classic.

Season of the Deep Activities and Rewards

Starting today, players can start off their Season of the Deep journey with a trip back to Titan to investigate a strange signal coming from below its methane sea. Players who own the Season Pass will have access to weekly Deep Dive missions, the matchmade Seasonal activity named Salvage, and the all-new Fishing activity.​