It comes a little late, but Denuvo being removed is always good news.
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In May 2021, Capcom launch Resident Evil Village. That launch, like many of Capcom's other recent PC releases, included the anti-piracy software known as Denuvo. Now, in April 2023, it looks like Capcom finally removed Denuvo from Village.

The change was spotted through SteamDB. The change flatly says, "Removed 3rd-Party DRM – Denuvo Anti-tamper, 5 different PC within a day machine activation limit."

This should be great news for those that held back on the game due to Denuvo, and for those that experienced severe framerate issues. In July 2021, it was found that the game's DRM measures were one of the big reasons why there were some very substantial performance issues throughout Resident Evil Village.

Shortly after those DRM-related performance woes were shared with a larger audience, Capcom released an update that mostly fixed the most egregious of those performance woes. The update released at that time included adjustments to the game's anti-piracy DRM. It was not specified what these exact adjustments were, nor if they were adjustments made to Denuvo or Capcom's own DRM measures.

None of that matters now because Denuvo has been removed from Resident Evil Village. The same cannot be said about the recently released Resident Evil 4 remake. That one still includes Denuvo. Some players have attributed a few traversal stutters and save file corruption to Resident Evil 4's use of Denuvo. At this point in time, there is no confirmation showing that Denuvo is in any way related to these issues.