And all it took was the game getting cracked.
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An update for Resident Evil Village came out yesterday for the PC version of the game. The patch includes just two items listed in the changelog, but these two items offer big improvements for most everybody.

First up, Capcom has added in AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR). This tech will allow you to push out some more performance from your aging hardware with a little hit to the image quality. We talked a lot about this new technology right here. Though the approaches to implementation are far different, FSR can be seen as AMD's response to Nvidia's DLSS. Plus, FSR runs on hardware from both team red and team green, which means gains for everyone!

The second part of the update includes "adjustments" to the included anti-piracy (DRM) technology. Capcom promised that this fix was coming after it was discovered that the cracked version of the game did not have any notable performance issues to speak of. As you may already know, the official PC release of Village suffered from severe stuttering any time you killed an enemy, and massive performance drops when encountering certain enemy attacks such as the fly swarm by the vampire sisters.

The cracked release of the game showed that it was Capcom's implementation of DRM that was the root cause of the performance woes. Resident Evil Village includes both Denuvo and Capcom's own anti-piracy technology. Denuvo had come out and said that their tech had nothing to do with the performance issues.

These performance issues have been widely documented since the game's release back in May. It's nice that the performance has finally been addressed, but it's extremely disappointing that it took the game being cracked before Capcom even acknowledged that there was any issue.