PlayStation 5 had its best quarter ever.
A PlayStation 5 console standing vertical on the right. On the left is a PlayStation 5 DualSense game controller.

Sony revealed that the PlayStation 5 sold like hotcakes in their Q3 2022 financial results (PDF). Their latest console saw a massive increase in both hardware sales and sales of first-party software, giving the PlayStation 5 its best sales quarter since its launch.

For the three-month period ending December 21, 2022, Over 7.1 million PlayStation 5 consoles were shipped out. For the entirety of the 2022 financial year, Sony sold 12.8 million units. Since its release, over 32 million PlayStation 5 consoles have been shipped. To compare to 2021, Sony saw a 34% increase4 in sales for 2022. This increase in sales, helped largely by the fact that the supply chain woes are starting to subside, pushed Sony to increase its annual sales target from 18 million to 19 million.

To compare to the PlayStation 4 at the same point in its life, the PlayStation 5 trails behind in total hardware sales. While the PlayStation 5 has sold 32 million units, the PlayStation 4 was able to sell 38 million in the same amount of time. Though the supply issues are less dire, the whole economic recession and the inflation thing going on right now might not help the PlayStation 5 catch up.

On the software side, 86.5 million games were sold in Q4. Of those 86.5 million games, 20.8 million were first-party titles. Of those 20.8 million first-party titles 11 million of them were just God of War Ragnarök.

In related news, there is a new PlayStation 5 software beta available. This beta adds in Discord voice chat, better library sorting, variable refresh rate support for 1440p, and more.