A tale as old as time.
Dead Island 2

After suffering from delay after delay after delay for the better part of a decade, Dead Island 2 has been delayed once again. The co-op zombie smashing bonanza has now been delayed from its planned February 3, 2023 release date to an April 28, 2023 release date.

The game's current developer, Dambuster Studios, made the announcement in a way that should be all too familiar to us: They posted an image of text on the dying website that is Twitter dot com. At the very least, the studio seems keenly aware of the rich history of the game's development, saying that "the irony of delaying Dead Island 2 is not lost on us."

The full statement from Dambuster and Deep Silver is as follows (if you cannot read the image):

"We have some important news to share, so let's rip that band aid off straight away. We are delaying Dead Island 2 - The new release date will be April 28th 2023.

"The irony of delaying Dead Island 2 is not lost on us, and we are as disappointed as you undoubtedly are. The delay is just 12 short weeks and development is on the final straight now; we're going to take the time we need to make sure we can launch a game we're proud to launch. For those of you who've been waiting for years, thank you for hanging in there with us.

"In the meantime, we will be releasing an exciting new trailer and gameplay at the Dead Island 2 Showcase which will premiere on December 6th on our Twitch & YouTube channels as well as on the Dead Island website."