PC releases of Sony's biggest PlayStation first-party titles won't be released on PC until at least a year has passed.
God of War Ragnarok

A new interview between French YouTuber Julien Chièze and PlayStation Head of Worldwide Studios Human Hulst revealed some new details about console-exclusive timeframes. Specifically, we learned how Sony plans to handle live-service (GAAS) releases and how they will handle single player PlayStation exclusives.

Hulst suggests that if and when they release a new live-service PlayStation title, it could also be released on PC on the same day. Hulst seems keen to have the live-service titles have as large a community as possible when it launches. Of course, no such live-service title from any PlayStation studio is currently known about or announced, so this is purely hypothetical at the moment.

Things are a bit different when it comes to PlayStation's first-party single player titles. Though Sony has been making a bigger and bigger push into the world of PC ports of their biggest PlayStation exclusives, none of the games have come out on the same day on PC and PlayStation. Hulst suggests that this policy won't be changed any time soon at Sony.

When it comes to these single player games, they will remain exclusive on PlayStation platforms for at least a year before coming out on PC. This probably won't come as a surprise to any player on PC that has played any of Sony's recent PC releases. Everything that has been released thus far was already out on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 for well over a year already.

Though not announced for PC, this could suggest that PC gamers won't see something like God of War Ragnarök until November 9, 2023 at the absolute earliest.

The full interview between Hulst and Chièze can be viewed below. Just note that the interview, save for Hulst's responses, is all in French.