Meanwhile, Bloodborne fans stay mad.
Horizon Zero Dawn PC

Over the weekend, two reports came out that suggest Sony is working on remastering 2017's Horizon Zero Dawn for the PlayStation 5. The rumors suggest that this remaster is being worked on alongside a new Horizon multiplayer game for both PlayStation 5 and PC.

The first report came from MP1st, with a second coming shortly after from VGC. VGC's report cites their own sources and corroborates MP1st's initial reporting. If you thought that the $70 The Last of Us Part 1 remake was unnecessary, you've not seen anything yet.

Both reports seem to suggest that this new release will add in some "accessibility features, graphics modes, and quality of life improvements to the gameplay itself." In short, this "remaster" would bring the original game up to visual and accessibility parity with the recently released Horizon Forbidden West.

So far, it seems as though Sony has a plan to remake or remaster some games that are getting TV or film adaptations. A Horizon series for Netflix was announced back in May alongside shows based on God of War and Gran Turismo. In the case of The Last of Us Part 1, the HBO series is coming out shortly. Could we see a remaster of 2018's God of War before the show is released? At this rate, I wouldn't doubt it.

Sony has other shows and films being worked on besides the ones previously mentioned. A Twisted Metal series is coming to Peacock, Ghost of Tsushima is getting a film adaptations, and Uncharted had a movie release earlier in 2022.

The fact that Horizon Zero Dawn, a game that is only five years old is getting a remaster, is truly bizarre. Meanwhile, oft-requested games like Bloodborne continue to be ignored when it comes to the remasters, remakes, or PC ports.

Any sort of suggested price for this Horizon Zero Dawn remaster was not offered in either report. With The Last of Us going for $70 (USD), it's not out of the question to say that the Horizon remaster will cost money too. Though many studios have offered free PS5 enhanced upgrades for older PS4 titles, Sony's first party offerings have gone the complete opposite route.

These reports also note that a Horizon multiplayer game is in development at Guerilla Games. This multiplayer game is, as the rumors suggest, being made for both PlayStation 5 and PC.