There will be playtests starting soon.
Project U

Ubisoft just announced another new co-op shooter today. They're calling it Project U. That's about all we know on this project. Well, that and the concept art which can be seen above. The art seems to depict various characters going up against what look like robot insect things.

The announcement came with next to no information about the game itself. Ubisoft says, "Codename 'Project U' explores a new concept of sessions-based co-op shooter, where many players unite to prevail against and overwhelming threat."

Despite there being no other information out about this one, Ubisoft already announced that some PC-only playtests will be taking place. These tests will be for those living in western Europe. Specifically, the test is for those living in France, Germany, the UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, and Italy. The test will only be available in English though.