The person who hacked Rockstar is also claiming responsibility for last week's hack of Uber.

Mere days after the monumental leak of Grand Theft Auto 6 information comes word that the hacker is now under investigation by the FBI. This news come from a press release put out by Uber.

Just last week, Uber also fell victim to a significant security breach. That breach gave the hacker access to Uber's AWS information, Duo, OneLogin, G Suite, VMware vSphere domain accounts, and more. Uber's source code was also reportedly stolen during the intrusion. This was reportedly done through simple social engineering means when the hacker pretended to be from Uber's corporate IT team. The hacker, now identified as an 18-year-old, was able to persuade an Uber employee to send them their login credentials.

This same 18-year-old has also assumed responsibility for this week's leak of the in-development GTA 6 content. Now, they are reportedly under investigation by from the FBI and the US Department of Justice. Uber says that they are working closely with these two government agencies regarding this intrusion and will continue to support their efforts.

Uber believes that this hacker is "affiliated with a hacking group called Lapsus$." This group previously claimed responsibility for accessing confidential systems and information at companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Samsung, and Nvidia. The common thread though most all of these hacks is that entry was gained via the company Slack system.

A 16-year-old member of Lapsus$ was arrested earlier this year in Oxford, UK. As one of the so-called leaders of the group, the teen had amassed around $14 million (USD) from his illegal activities. This person was arrested after a rival group of hackers found out his real identity and doxxed him.