Get the vanilla gameplay experience on these official servers.
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Bethesda just announced that they have set up new dedicated servers for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. These official servers will not include any community mods and will only include the original six maps. This makes for a perfect place for those looking for a traditional Enemy Territory experience to frequent.

To find the servers, look for ones named "id Software Official Vanilla Server - (REGION)." The (REGION) part will be different depending on where you want to play: United States (Texas), Europe (Netherlands), Australia (Canberra), and United Kingdom (London). Each server is set to the "Campaign" game mode and will host a maximum of 16 players in 8 vs 8 matchups. Friendly fire will be turned on, but Punkbuster anti-cheat is turned off. Anti-lag is enabled. Max lives and weapon restrictions are also disabled.

Bethesda's announcement also notes that the game is out now on the Microsoft Store, complete with dedicated server support.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was first released back in 2003. This game, along with a few others, were recently re-released on Steam for free. From a quick look, it seems that at least Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is still free if you haven't yet added it to your game collections.