Because... reasons?
Wolfenstein: Youngblood

If you are a console owner and want to play Wolfenstein: Youngblood, you will have to wait until the release rolls around on July 26. That's this Friday. If you are on PC, you apparently get the game a whole day earlier. Wolfenstein: Youngblood will be released on the PC on Thursday, July 25.

Why? Who knows. That's just what the Bethesda Twitter account said, with the Wolfenstein Twitter account apparently backing the claim.

This seems to have come out of left field, especially when you consider that the Steam page for Wolfenstein: Youngblood still says it releases on July 26. It is entirely possible that Bethesda was only talking about having an early release on their launcher? Again, it's not at all clear what exactly is going on.

Whatever the case is, Wolfenstein: Youngblood will be out this week for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It is priced at about $30 (USD). Pre-loads for the game are available now. Also, if you own the Deluxe version of the game, you get a Buddy Pass that you can share with a friend allowing you two to play together on one copy.