Plus, you can now migrate your Launcher account to Steam.
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Bethesda has begun their shift over to Steam today. In February, the studio announced that they were retiring their Launcher and moving everyone over to Steam. Part of this move includes bringing over some of Bethesda's older titles that weren't yet on Steam.

Starting today, you can pick up the first two The Elder Scrolls games for free. In addition, you can also pick up Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory for free. All told, this list of freebies includes: The Elder Scrolls: Arena, The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

These games haven't really been updated in any meaningful way, meaning there are some steps you will probably want to take to get them working on modern hardware. A lot of the tips to get them working come to us courtesy of some of the most helpful reviews for these titles. Let's go over some of the best recommendations for each title.

The Elder Scrolls: Arena by DaCrazyNerf
1. Re-map the keys -
2. Press Alt-F4 - disables the pixellation effect on dialogue boxes. Also fixes dialogue box skipping.
3. Press CTRL+F12 - increase CPU cycle with DOSBox. Increases frame rate. CTRL+F11 decreases.
4. The Elder Scrolls Arena Manual - Some light reading
5. Anti-Piracy - Spell price guide to get past the copyright protection.

The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall by Ithiryl
How to play Daggerfall Unity on Steam:

1. Download the Daggerfall Unity folder relevant for your OS from the provided link. (Github version recommended)
2. Place the folder where your Steam version is located.
3. Rename the DOSBox-0.74 folder to something else.
4. Rename the Daggerfall Unity folder to 'DOSBox-0.74'
5. Rename the Daggerfall Unity exe to 'DOSbox'

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory by CaptSarge and Rogan
1. Download ET Legacy from
2. Install it to game's directory (in Steam library, select Wolfenstein ET, right click Manage -> Browse local files)
3. In game's directory, rename "etl.exe" to "et.exe", so Steam launches ET Legacy instead of default exec
4. Enjoy

It makes the game to work properly on modern systems, as you would expect, and it lets you filter the servers with bots, among other things.
Or you can follow this video tutorial by the ET Legacy dev

For anyone having issues with the resolution or FPS just open up the console and type the following commands:
r_mode -1
r_customwidth "1920"
r_customheight "1080"
r_primitives "2"

Feel free to change the width and height to whatever resolution you are using
Big shoutout to these users for providing some worthwhile tips!

In addition to these freebies, Bethesda did indeed begin the account migration from the Launcher over to Steam. Bethesda says that you can begin using their transfer tool to move your library over to Steam. This seems to be mainly focused on Fallout 76 players that were still using the Launcher to play.

Bethesda says that on May 11, you will be unable to log into or play Fallout 76 using their launcher. They also say that those that migrate over before May 11 will get 10 rank-ups on the Season 9 Scoreboard. These gifts will be applied shortly after the start of Season 9 in June.

Even if you don't play Fallout 76 through their launcher, you may have other games tied to it that you may want to move over. I apparently had The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Game of the Year Edition through Launcher that I have just successfully transferred over to Steam.