Skate or die.
Rollerdrome key art

Private Division and Roll7 announced today that Rollerdrome is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam. This blend of third-person skating and shooting is a new IP from the creators of OlliOlli World.

Rollerdrome is a single-player shooter that includes plenty of arena combat, skating, and a variety of tricks to create what they call "flow-state mayhem." The game takes place in 2030 in a world where the public are distracted "from an increasingly sinister political movement by the violence and excess of a brutal new arena sport: Rollerdrome." Players go up a series of gauntlets against enemies called House Players. You will combine eliminations with tricks to complete a variety of challenges as well as trying to survive.

Rollerdrome can be yours for $29.99 (USD). There is a special introductory price of $19.79 on Steam and PlayStation for PlayStation Plus members. There's also a free trial of the game out for those with PlayStation Plus Premium members.

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Players step into the roller skates of Kara Hassan, a newcomer to the Rollerdrome tournament. As the mysteries of a corrupt tech giant unfold behind the scenes, Kara and the player will have to stay focused on their goal – climbing the ranks in hopes of becoming the next Rollerdrome champion.

Rollerdrome introduces a distinct retro-futuristic universe with a unique comic-book inspired art style. The soundtrack from Electric Dragon merges iconic 1970's sounds with contemporary, driving beats to create a heart-thumping backdrop to the carnage.