Russian teams were removed in FIFA 22 and will stay removed for FIFA 23.
FIFA 23 screenshot

FIFA 23 was just announced and with that came fresh information concerning all of the new and improved features being made in this year's release. Those new and improved features include the announcement of HyperMotion2 technology improvements for the next-gen releases, the addition of the men's FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 plus the FIFA Women's World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023.

We also learned that there will be cross-play functionality between like-generation of platforms. EA says that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners of FIFA 23 will be able to play together. EA also confirms that PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Stadia, and PC owners of FIFA 23 can play together. Wait... PC?

Yes, it seems as though the PC release of FIFA 23 will be the next-gen version of the game. The PC release will feature that HyperMotion2 technology and be fully cross-play compatible with all next-gen versions. This certainly gives us all hope that other EA Sports titles will soon follow suit.

The advancements to FIFA 23’s HyperMotion2 technology and physics system have unlocked an array of new features making the gameplay experience feel more immersive than ever. Team and player movement across the pitch is more responsive, smart and authentic, whether jockeying against a defender or claiming an aerial ball against an attacker as a keeper. Players can also look forward to a new intelligent dribbling system, a more natural and fluid transition to shooting, all-new acceleration mechanics, enhanced player awareness and much more. With the debut of women’s club teams, all-new animations informed by the movement of real-life female players have been added to FIFA 23.
With all of these new bells and whistles to enjoy, there is some content that won't appear in FIFA 23: Russians.

Electronic Arts confirmed that the Russian national team and the Russian club teams are all excluded from this year's release.

"EA Sports stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and like so many voices across the world of football, calls for peace and an end to the invasion of Ukraine," EA said in a statement emailed to PC Gamer. "In line with our partners at FIFA and UEFA, EA Sports will not include the Russian national team or Russian clubs in FIFA 23."
Russian soccer teams have been absent from the latest FIFA release, FIFA 22, since March. The studio removed the teams due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. They will stay removed from the new release due to said invasion.

This is just the latest move by the tech industry at large to condemn the invasion of Ukraine. Several high-profile studios like Microsoft, CD Projekt Red, Activision Blizzard, Epic Games, Take-Two, and Ubisoft have ceased business operations entirely within Russia. Other tech companies have ceased sales of both hardware and software within the country. Various payment services, such as SWIFT, have also been blocked from carrying out transactions and payments to Russian banks.

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