John Romero is about to make Unreal Engine 5 his-- oh, who are we kidding.

As one of the key figures behind such standout franchises like Doom, Quake, Heretic, and er... Daikatana, John Romero is no stranger to the gaming industry. The last game he worked on, Empire of Sin, came out back in 2020 to some rather tepid reviews. Some bad reviews don't keep a good Romero down (again, Daikatana says hello), which is why Romero is looking to create a new first-person shooter.

Romero and his company, Romero Games, are now hiring for employees to work on a new FPS. The studio says that they are "100% focused" on the FPS genre and are aiming to create a new entry in said genre using Unreal Engine 5. Romero says that they are "working with a major publisher." That publisher was not named.

At present, Romero Games is looking to hire persons for all positions and at all experience levels. Those who have some experience with Unreal Engine 5 are preferred though. If you're in the industry and are looking for a job, head on over to Romero Games to check out the available positions.