25 years of Doom
Today, Bethesda has kicked off a promised year-long celebration of 25 years of DOOM. To start things off, they are inviting fans to join the DOOM Slayers Club that can net you a free Zombie Doom Slayer skin for Doom Eternal when it launches on consoles and the Bethesda.net Launcher later in 2019.

Signing up for the Doom Slayers Club is as simple as heading to the Doom Slayers website and logging in with your Bethesda account or registering. Bethesda says that over the course of the next year, they will have more content, rewards, events, contests, and more to share with Doom fans all around the world.

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Bethesda also had some concept art on their press page that shows off a Super Shotgun concept. You can take a look at that if you want.

Doom Eternal shotgun concept

But wait, the initial celebration doesn't end there! John Romero announced the SIGIL project today. This will be both a free release of a DOOM megawad in addition to a packaged retail edition if you want to buy a piece of the celebration. In case you don't yet realize it, John Romero was one of the original creators of DOOM next to John Carmack and Tom Hall.

SIGIL is the closest thing you will ever get to playing the fifth episode of DOOM. It takes place after episode 4 but before the events of DOOM 2. It will contain nine new single-player maps and nine deathmatch levels. It will be released, for free, this February. As mentioned there will be the option to purchase SIGIL with a bunch of bonus items included. There is both a Standard Edition of Sigil for $39.99 (USD) and a Best Box Edition for $166.