A more casual soccer game for those tired of the usual suspects.
Serious Fun Football

Despite it's less than realistic art style, Serious Fun Football boasts that it includes real ball physics, realistic movements, advanced boy collisions, varied player attributes, sophisticated AI, and complex 3D graphics. It's been in development for about six years now from just one person. The development was self-funded from start to finish and is being self-published.

After all these years, Serious Fun Football is entering into Steam Early Access today for just $9.99 (USD).

The developer, who is going simply by Kamil in their press release, says that Serious Fun Football isn't really meant to compete with the likes of EA's or Konami's releases. However, Kamil's game was created after years of playing the other games and being disappointed with how little they evolved year after year.

Serious Fun Football focuses on 3v3 matches that can be played online or offline. You can even team up with a friend to take on the AI. While the initial release only allows you to control one player on the field, the full release will feature full team control.

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Are you ready to experience something fresh in the football video games genre? Don't let the game's cartoonish graphics deceive you! Let us surprise you with realistic characters' movement, kicking and real ball physics.

Creating this game, we wanted to move to the screen all these emotions that accompany playing with your friends on a small field in real life - the freedom of movement, constant looking out for a free position, dynamic gameplay.

Play friendly matches online or local in front of one screen with your friends.

Play against AI in the league and gather the in-game coins. Use them to buy new team members in the Team Mode or boost up your own, designed by yourself, footballer in Solo Mode. You can also buy new outfits, unlock stadiums, and customize the appearance of your character!

  • Online, offline, co-op modes
  • Career and friendly matches
  • 3 vs 3 gameplay
  • Solo Mode where you control just one character available in Early Access
  • Team Mode available in the future in Full Release.
  • Buy new players on the market or develop attributes of your solo footballer
  • Buy new outfits, unlock stadiums, customize the appearance