Did Keighley's summer game jamboree 2022 impress you?

With the Summer Game Fest 2022 essentially being over (save for some Multiversus thing on the 21st), it's time to ask you: What'd you think of it?

Did the announcements and reveals exceed your expectations? Or did the reveals drastically under-deliver this year? Maybe what was shown off completely matched your expectations, be they high or low expectations to begin with. Hell, maybe you just want the old E3 back with weekend showcases from Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Konami, Ubisoft, and others.

One thing is for sure: It was at least nice of this year's Summer Game Fest to not have events spread out over the entirety of the month.

I'm making this one a multiple-choice poll. Feel free to select a couple of options that may apply to you and share your thoughts in the comments below!