The event will mainly focus on already announced games.
Summer Game Fest 2022

If you were looking for the Summer Game Fest to come out swinging with announcements like Bloodborne 2 or Bloodborne on PC or even Bloodborne Kart Racer, you may be severely disappointed. The master of hype himself, Geoff Keighley, has come out to say that the Summer Game Fest will be "primarily focused" on games that were already announced.

And when Keighley is saying to keep those expectations in check, you know that there probably isn't anything major to be revealed.

During a recent Twitter Spaces audio event this past weekend, Keighley says that he was "very excited" about what is going to be showed off, but that the show will be mainly focused on titles that were already announced. Still, there will be "massive games" shown off alongside smaller, independent titles.

"So we’re doing some good stuff for you, but definitely manage your expectations in terms of the megaton shocks that you’re expecting. This is not The Game Awards. We’ve got lots of good stuff to show you but buyer beware of some of the crazy rumors I’m seeing out there in terms of things people expect to get announced."
Keighley also said that the show will include exclusive titles for both Xbox and the Nintendo Switch, but most of the big reveals for Xbox will come during their own showcase. Nintendo does not seem to have any sort of Nintendo Direct planned at any point during the Summer Game Fest. Keighley notes that he would "love to have them involved if and when they're ready."

“This is a really exciting weekend for me because I get to finally see things we’ve been talking about to people for months,” Keighley told listeners on Twitter.

“We’ve obviously announced a bunch of things since I last talked to you guys in terms of world premieres and announcements that will be at the show.

“We’ve talked about The Callisto Protocol. That will be there. We’ll have the first gameplay demo you guys probably saw the trailer for… We’re excited to show that to you.

He added: “We’ll have the first level playthrough of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: That game looks really incredible, and we’re excited to showcase that for you as well on Thursday.

“We’ll have a reveal and some news around Gotham Knights and some new footage of that game as well. Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course is really coming out on June 30th, just over three weeks away, and we’ll have some new footage and studio MDHR joining us as well for that.

“Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson will be stopping by. If you played the Fortnite Collision event yesterday, like I did, you saw The Foundation in there, which was tons of fun, so we’ll look forward to hearing from him.

“We’ll have a lot more to share this week. Some other things we’re going to tease in the coming days and then there will be lots of things we’ll save until the show.”
The core show for Summer Game Fest is expected to last upwards of two hours. Keighley notes that due to the nature of being a live show with several guest appearances, the running time may fluctuate a bit.

There will be "some surprises" as far as announcements go during the show, but "it definitely is a show that's primarily focused on stuff that is announced."

Summer Game Fest, the show, will air on June 9 at 2PM (ET). Devolver Digital's "Devolver's Marketing Countdown to Marketing" is also on the 9th at 6PM (ET). On June 10 is Netflix Geeked Week for gaming at 1PM (ET) and the Tribeca Games Spotlight at 3PM (ET). June 12th is the big Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase at 1PM (ET). That is literally all that is scheduled under the "Summer Game Fest" umbrella for this year.

However, there are more things happening this week that aren't listed for Summer Game Fest. These include the Upload VR Showcase on the 9th, IGN Expo and Freedom Games Showcase on the 10th. On the 11th is the Guerrilla Collective Showcase, Wholesome Games Direct, Future of Play Direct, and NetEase Games Livestream. After Microsoft's event on Sunday will be the PC Gaming Show.

Valve actually has all of these things listed under the "IGN Summer of Gaming 2022" page.