Well, sort of.
Rainbow Six Siege Kiryu

Year 7 Season 2 for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege will begin on June 7. When it arrives, it will feature a crossover with the Yakuza franchise that probably nobody saw coming.

There will be exclusive bundles released for the Rainbow Six Operators Echo and Hibana that transform them into Kazuma Kiryu and Kaoru Sayama respectively. The end of the new trailer showcasing these skins offered up a tease of a possible third skin that sure as hell seems like Goro Majima.

Pricing and an exact release date for these bundles have not yet been revealed. However, it's almost a safe bet to say that they will be out at some point during Season 2.

Some other changes coming throughout Year 7 Season 2 for Rainbow Six Siege include a new operator named Sens. That is not to be confused with Sans of Undertale fame, though it's perhaps just a matter of time before he is in Rainbow Six as well. A new Operation named Vector Glare is also coming. Season 2 will also add in a shooting range, something that fans have been requesting for a while now. There is also a new squad system being implemented.