Week one of the Overwatch 2 beta has come and gone and some changes are being worked on.
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Last week, the beta for the Overwatch 2 PvP mode kicked off for a lot of players. It's the first Technical Beta for the game, which seems to indicate that more are coming, though this first one won't even be finished until May 17. Already, Blizzard is talking about things that they are looking to change and some things that they won't be changing, at least not yet.

Blizzard says that they have been seeing a lot of feedback when it comes to the support characters. Some of the changes have already been implemented into the game while other changes are still to come.

We made a significant adjustment to their role passive heading into Beta, allowing support heroes to recover more health faster and improve their survivability. This change improved their overall power and durability, and overall supports are performing well in the Beta, but we know that balance is only one aspect of what makes a hero fun to play. We have heard clearly that support players feel both tanks and damage players have more new content to enjoy and explore in this Beta. Longer term, we believe the most effective way to tackle this issue is to add exciting new support heroes to the game, and that is part of our plans. In the near term, our hero design team is also experimenting with significant, but shorter lead time, ideas including new and refreshed abilities for some existing support heroes.
Blizzard also notes that they will be adding in new heroes (in addition to Sojurn, pictured above) into the game along with more maps and generalized features. They also say that the current UI will be given "a significant amount of overall polish and refinement" ahead of the game's full release.

One thing that won't be changed much is Overwatch 2's new scoreboard. The current scoreboard that omits things like medals from being displayed will continue to not display medals. Blizzard will at least be adding a new "Damage Mitigated" stat that will show how much damage has been blocked and damage reduced by some character abilities.

Blizzard says they may also introduce a "Quick Play Classic" mode for those (like me) who absolutely loathe the role queue system. This classic mode will allow players to have much shorter queue times and allow players to just play whatever role they want to.