Those people who say they don't play Fornite "because of the building" now have no excuse.
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We all know that one person, or maybe you are that person, who said that they would totally play Fortnite if it weren't for the whole "building" mechanic. J, I'm looking at you. As it turns out, Epic Games did something a little zany this week and turned off building from the game's default battle royale mode.

This no-build idea began with the launch of Chapter 3 Season 2. This event was originally just going to be a limited-time deal, perhaps to test the waters to becoming a more permanent feature later on. Now, data miners have found that Epic Games does plan to include this no-build battle royale mode as a permanent game mode later on.

Twitter user, and Fortnite news feed aficionado, HYPEX claims that datamining revealed that players will soon have the option to play the standard Fortnite mode, complete with building mechanics or they can choose a mode that features no building. This new no-build mode will allegedly be added after the current season ends.

Another Fortnite leaks account, TweaBR, also showed off some menu visuals indicating a separate mode. This account also says that the no-build mode will be available for Solo, Duos, Trios, and Squads.

Seasons in Fortnite run for roughly 10 weeks on the average. Fans may not know until May whether or not Epic plans to add the no-build mode as a permanent fixture. They haven't officially announced anything about this just yet either.