Get a Trophy and save the planet.
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Sony is offering to plan a tree for every single person that earns a specific Trophy in Horizon Forbidden West. The company announced a "Play and Plant" program today ahead of Friday's release of Horizon Forbidden West.

This program finds Sony working with the Arbor Day Foundation. Together, they will donate one tree to a forest restoration project for every player that earns the "Reached the Daunt" Trophy. The goal is to complete three different reforestation projects across the United States. These are the Douglas County Forest in Wisconsin, the Sheep Fire Private Lands in California, and the Torreya State Park in Florida.

There is just one small catch to this. They are only counting the people that earn this Trophy before March 25, 2022. That gives everyone over a month of play time to earn the Trophy. Sadly, if all three reforestation projects are completed before that date, there isn't a fourth "spill-over" project that can benefit. Still though, it's a hell of a great cause!

I tried to look up what it would take to earn this "Reached the Daunt" Trophy and I'm having a difficult time finding it. A leaked Trophy list for the game has been out for a bit, but the only reference to "Daunt" in that list is for the "Saved the Daunt" Trophy, which requires that you "resolved all problems troubling the Daunt." It is entirely possible that this Trophy was changed or is a new addition to those found in the leaked list.

From what I can gather, the Daunt is a diving section in the game between the known world and the unexplored region known as the Forbidden West. So, it kind of sounds like this is a Trophy that most players will be able to easily get in the early parts of the game. A screenshot of this canyon-filled area can be seen in the screenshot from Game Informer at the top of this article.