The seas are still full of plunder and content in 2022.
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A roadmap for planned content coming to Sea of Thieves in 2022 was provided today by Rare. There will be some changes coming to how Seasons are handled with the game. There will be a bunch of new Adventures and Mysteries added throughout the year.

One thing that will be added is a neat little murder mystery. One thing that will be removed, however, will be the game's Arena mode. The removal of this dedicated PvP mode isn't really that big of a loss. It probably wasn't all that popular given that it's just flat out being removed.

Sea of Thieves creative director Mike Chapman says that the current plan is to release a new Adventure every month. These Adventures will last for around two weeks. Each game season will include a larger Adventure that will tie together the plots between the smaller pieces of content. Each Adventure is a new narrative-driven series of live events, kind of like what you experienced with the recent Pirates of the Caribbean content.

Mysteries are the other major piece of content that will be coming in 2022. These will be ways of telling a story both within the game and outside of it through various in-game quests and real-world ARG stuff. Clues will be revealed as players start to solve the mysteries.

"Mysteries are something that we’re super excited about," said executive producer Joe Neate. "These are going to be stories that players are going to have to work together to uncover, and this will happen in-game and out-of-game, in terms of clues being released, and they will evolve over a longer time period than a typical Adventure will."

"We're going to be teasing and hinting and looking at how people are solving this - are people figuring this stuff out," added Mike Chapman. "When’s the right time to move this forward? It’s based on players uncovering the next stages of these mysteries."
There will be a variety of mystery types covered in these Mysteries. Senior designer Chris Davies says, "so you’ve got murder mysteries, whodunnits, ghost stories, that certainly take inspiration from those kinds of mysteries in other media." The very first Mystery will task players with solving a "whodunit" style murder mystery involving the death of an in-game character.

Season 6 for Sea of Thieves will begin in March 2022. This Season will kick off the first of the new Adventures and Mysteries. It will also add in six new Sea Forts to the game. These are raid style pieces of content designed for smaller groups or those playing solo.