Modders Get Final Fantasy 7 Running at 60FPS After 25 Years


  • Modders Get Final Fantasy 7 Running at 60FPS After 25 Years

    A major breakthrough on the mod scene just took place to offer silky smooth gameplay.
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    Roughly a quarter of a century ago (good God), Final Fantasy VII was released on the PC platform. However, the PC port of the game ran at just 15 frames per second.

    While a lot of the action and animation in Final Fantasy VII for the original PlayStation release was also at a sub-optimal framerate, there is one thing the OG had going for it that the PC version lacked: The menus all ran at much higher framerates. On PC, literally everything was locked to 15FPS. This included all menus and the display of certain time-critical attacks like Cait Sith's slot machine attack. On PC, the lower framerate made successfully pulling off these moves a real nightmare.

    Finally, after almost 25 years, modders with the FFNx modding project cracked the nut that was the 15FPS lock on PC. The team just released their first public beta for a 60FPS mod that fans have wanted for literally decades. This mod allows for all aspects of the game to run at 60FPS: Animations, battles, cutscenes, towns, overworld, etc.

    Again, this is a beta release of the mod. There are still some issues and bugs that the team are working on fixing. However, nobody is going to stop you from downloading it and trying it out for yourself.

    The video below by Tsunamods contains a comparison both without the mod and with the mod. The comparison starts at around the 3:20 mark (timestamped) in the video below, first with the mod disabled and then with the mod enabled. If you want to just try it out for yourself, Tsunamods provides install instructions starting at the 9:30 mark.

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