Some franchise mainstays will be returning to the game.
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Halo Infinite's multiplayer is quite good, but it's certainly not without some faults. One of those issues that isn't the Battle Pass progression system, is the fact that the game shipped with only a few game modes. Fans have been more than eager for the return of modes like free-for-all (FFA) and SWAT.

Thankfully, those modes and more will be coming to Halo Infinite. A Twitter post by 343 Industries community manager John Junyszek says that some of the franchise's more popular modes will be coming to Halo Infinite. However, they won't quite be ready when the campaign launches on December 8, but should arrive before the end of the year.

You may notice that Junyszek mentioned the addition of a Fiesta playlist. That mode was featured as part of the first week of the seasonal event for Halo Infinite. Junyszek says that their plan for Events is to try new modes prior to adding them to playlists. He says that the team will "monitor playlist health after the 3 additions above and adjust our offering if needed." It seems an exception is being made for these playlists right now.

Junyszek also says that they are working on a Social Slayer playlist. However, this playlist, which will include multiple variations, won't be ready until after the holidays.

Right now, the game includes Quick Play (4v4 mixed modes), Ranked, Big Team Battle (12v12 mixed modes), and Bot Arena (4v4 AI). There is no way to pick a specific game variant. Say you only wanted to play Team Slayer in Big Team Battle, well you would be at the mercy of whatever Big Team Battle mode it selects for you when you queue up. It's kind of a bummer at the moment.

As far as the Battle Pass is concerned, some changes have already been implemented that make the progression a bit less of a grind. The team is still working on that system, however.