Get a taste of the 2022 RTS right now.
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Even though Company of Heroes 3 won't be released until 2022, Relic and Sega are giving fans an opportunity to try out the multiplayer right now. On Tuesday, November 30, you will be able hop into a new test for the Company of Heroes 3 multiplayer.

To participate, simply sign up for Relic's "CoH-development" program through the Company of Heroes website. Once accepted, you should be able to preload the content straight away through Steam in preparation for the start of the weeklong event. The action will kick off at 9AM (PT) on November 30 and run through until 8PM (PT) on December 6.

It's probably important to keep in mind that this is a pre-alpha build of the game. As such, there will most definitely be some issues that players will encounter during this test. Relic has provided a list of their currently known issues along with a short FAQ for this multiplayer pre-alpha test.

This test will include four maps and two factions (U.S. and Wehrmacht). The U.S. side gets the USF Airborne and Armored battlegroups while the Wehrmacht side will get to try out the Luftwaffe and Breakthrough battlegroups.