This will serve as the "season finale" for the series.
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If you have played through the recently released The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes, you may have seen a new teaser for the next game in the series. If you have not played the game, or you haven't finished it yet, you haven't yet seen this new game announcement. Whatever the case may be, Bandai Namco and Supermassive Games have officially announced The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me today.

In The Devil in Me, a group of documentary filmmakers are sent an invite to visit a replica of the "Murder Castle" of H.H. Holmes, America's first serial killer. To those who are curious, Holmes was indeed a real person. He confessed to carrying out 27 murders but was only convicted and sentenced to death for one murder.

In the game, the filmmakers soon find out that they are being watched and that there is "much more at stake."

Bandai Namco says that this is the "most bloodcurdling story yet" in the anthology. In The Devil in Me, the choices you make will determine, more than ever, who lives and who dies.

A release date has not yet been set, but I'm taking a wild guess and saying that this will be out around Halloween 2022. Call it a wild hunch.