This new horror experience won't be a new entry in the Dark Pictures Anthology.
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Supermassive Games, the development studio behind Until Dawn and the Dark Pictures Anthology horror titles, just unveiled The Quarry. Supermassive says that this game is a spiritual successor to the well-received Until Dawn. This new game is looking to be released June 10, 2022 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

The Quarry director Will Byles says that there are some specific things with this game that will separate it from other releases by the studio.

"Dark Pictures is obviously an anthology and has gone down a shared story route and a shorter format with a higher cadence. It's a lovely smorgasbord of horror."
The Quarry will instead be a more "traditional" style of horror experience. Byles says that The Quarry will stick to more traditional horror tropes, especially those found in teen horror films. Byles says that this game will be "a lot tighter" and will have "a lot of that weird self-referential thing like Scream where we all know the rules, and the rules are 'don't open the door', or 'when there's a trap door with a noise behind it, leave it alone'."

This game will allow players to take control of nine different characters as they try to survive their last night at summer camp. Just as the case is with Until Dawn, anybody can live and anyone can die. Player choices once again play a big role in The Quarry, leading to different story elements and dynamically changing the relationships between characters.

You will be able to play this game solo, in local co-op, or through online co-op.

Byles notes that if each character dies early, there is still seven hours of gameplay in The Quarry. However, most playthroughs will last about ten hours. He goes on to say that this game was influenced by a number of classic horror films such as Friday the 13th, The Thing, and Evil Dead.

Much like the other games from Supermassive, The Quarry features a number of Hollywood stars in the main roles.

  • Ariel Winter – Modern Family, Speed Racer
  • Ethan Suplee – The Wolf of Wall Street, Remember the Titans, My Name is Earl
  • David Arquette – Scream franchise, Eight Legged Freaks
  • Lin Shaye – Insidious franchise, The Grudge, Ouija
  • Miles Robbins – Halloween (2018), Blockers
  • Grace Zabriskie – Armageddon, Wild at Heart, The Grudge
  • Halston Sage – Neighbors, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Paper Towns
  • Zach Tinker – 13 Reasons Why, Law & Order: True Crime
  • Lance Henriksen – Aliens, Alien 3, The Terminator
  • Brenda Song – Dollface, The Social Network, New Girl
  • Siobhan Williams – Forsaken, Heartland
  • Skyler Gisondo – The Social Dilemma, Santa Clarita Diet
  • Evan Evagora – Star Trek: Picard, Home and Awa
  • Justice Smith – Detective Pikachu, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
  • Ted Raimi – Evil Dead, Spider-Man, Xena: Warrior Princess
If you're still wanting some more Dark Pictures Anthology, worry not. Supermassive Games is still working on The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me, which is slated for release this Halloween.

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As the sun sets on the last day of summer camp, the teenage counselors of Hackett’s Quarry throw a party to celebrate. No kids. No adults. No rules.

Things quickly take a turn for the worse.

Hunted by blood-drenched locals and something far more sinister, the teens' party plans unravel into an unpredictable night of horror. Friendly banter and flirtations give way to life-or-death decisions, as relationships build or break under the strain of unimaginable choices.

Play as each of the nine camp counselors in a thrilling cinematic tale, where every decision shapes your unique story from a tangled web of possibilities. Any character can be the star of the show—or die before daylight comes.

How will your story unfold?

Will you dare to check what's behind that trap door? Will you investigate the screams echoing from within the forest? Will you save your friends or desperately run for your life? Every choice, big or small, shapes your story and determines who lives to tell the tale.

Cutting edge facial capture and filmic lighting techniques, combined with incredible performances from an iconic ensemble cast of Hollywood talent, bring the horrors of Hackett’s Quarry to life in a pulse-pounding, cinematic thrill ride.

Place your faith in up to 7 friends in online play, where invited players watch along and vote on key decisions, creating a story shaped by the whole group! Or, play together in a party horror couch co-op experience where each player picks a counselor and controls their actions.

Adjustable difficulty for all gameplay elements let players of any skill level enjoy the horror. And if you prefer to watch rather than play, Movie Mode lets you enjoy The Quarry as a binge-worthy cinematic thriller. Select how you want the story to unfold, kick back, and munch on some popcorn in between all the screams!