New game modes, new weapons, new abilities, and more have been added today.
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A new update for Chivalry 2 was released moments ago from developer Torn Banner Studios. This update is called Fight Knight and includes two new game modes, a new weapon, the new headbutt combat ability, and more. There's also a little Halloween-themed seasonal event underway that makes the battlefield that much more spooky.

This update is free and is out now for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and on PC through the Epic Games Store.

The two new game modes added in today's update include the Brawl mode and Last Team Standing. Brawl is said to "capture the rowdy and chaotic feel of a tavern brawl." You'll be able to pick up chairs, mugs, sausages, fish, and more and then smash your foes with them. There are currently two Brawl maps, The Great Hall and Rudhelm Feast, that support up to 40 players at a time.

The Last Team Standing mode is actually a return from the first Chivalry. There are no respawns in these 40-player battles. The last team or person standing wins.

Headbutts are now added to the game. If you are unarmed, literally, you will be able to attack by headbutting your opponents. It seems that this ability only comes into play when you very literally lose both of your arms and have no other way to fight back.

The new weapon added today is the Rapier. You kind of know what these are already.

The Halloween event runs from October 26 through November 7. This seasonal event includes cosmetics like the pumpkinhelm as well as Halloween themed decorations and interactive objects in some of the maps. The full list of today's changes can be found at with some highlights outlined below.

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Chivalry 2: Fight Knight update key features include:
  • Brawl Mode and Maps: Leave your weapons at the door for the all-new brawl mode designed to capture the rowdy and chaotic feel of a tavern brawl. Take a seat! Literally. And then smash someone’s face with it!
    • Two Brawl Maps: Up to 40 players can join the fray in The Great Hall and Rudhelm Feast.
    • Found Objects: Players can pick up and wield just about anything they can find across the map. Embrace the chaos and grab chairs, beer steins, rolling pins, sausages, and giant fish to beat down your rivals!
  • Last Team Standing Mode: Players looking for more realistic team battles can expect the return of top-requested mode from the original Chivalry: Medieval Warfare! Stakes are high, as these 40-player battles have no respawns. The last team/person standing is crowned as the winning team.
  • Headbutt Combat: It’s only a flesh wound! Chivalry 2’s limb loss combat system sees the most brutal and outrageous update yet. Now, when a player has lost both limbs in combat, they can execute an arm-less headbutt attack for a last chance at taking down an opponent before bleeding out.
  • Rapier Weapon: This new fencing weapon type also introduces a new swashbuckling combat style with more focus on fast-movements and flourishes.
  • Halloween Event: Running from Oct. 26 through Nov. 7, players can look forward to Chivalry 2’s first-ever seasonal event with new cosmetics, like the pumpkinhelm, and Halloween themed decorations and interactive objects, like giant Jack O Lanterns that can be weaponized.
    • Rudhelm Siege, Dark Forest, Great Hall (Brawl mode), and Wardenglade (Free-for-All and Last Team Standing modes) will feature these limited-time Halloween decorations.
  • Arena Mode Improvements: New improvements to Arena include an offline practice mode for teams to hone their skills and teamwork as well as overall polish improvements, including a new winner’s podium cutscene.
  • Armory Updates: In addition to the new Rapier weapon, players can all look forward to a wide array of new cosmetics and skins to unlock, including armor sets, new female armor skins, new helmet skins, new weapon skins, and even a fancy mustache!