Everybody needs a little vacation sometimes, even Apex Legends.
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Respawn Entertainment debuted their launch trailer for the upcoming 11th season of play for Apex Legends. This new season, entitled Escape, shows that even a bunch of Legends need a little R&R from time to time.

Apex Legends: Escape is slated to launch on November 2. This is your first look at the new season and a peak at some of the new content that awaits players when this update drops. We already know that this new season will feature a new character, Ash, along with a new weapon called the C.A.R. SMG (from Titanfall). Of course there will be a new ranked season and a new Battle Pass that will let you unlock new cosmetics.

Data miners have already uncovered a bunch of unreleased assets for the game. You can head on over to r/ApexUncovered for a look at some of that. One thing we will share with you is that the new map is called Storm Point and it has some nice tropical island vibes going on.

Now, where are the swimsuit skins at?! Octane running around in a speedo is precisely what I need to instill fear in my enemies.