The new character is also coming alongside a new weapon.
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Dr. Ashleigh Reid was a character that was first introduced in Titanfall 2. The character, in their current identity, will soon be coming to Apex Legends as the game's newest playable character. She was a Simulacrum Pilot in Titanfall 2.

Now known as Ash, she was turned into a Simulacrum after betraying her colleagues and getting stabbed in the process. Ash is already familiar to a number of Apex Legends players as the announcer and host of the game's Arenas mode.

In addition to Ash joining the roster, there will be at least one new weapon added. This will be the C.A.R. SMG, another weapon that was first introduced in the Titanfall series.

Ash will join the rest of the playable roster in the upcoming season for the game, currently called Escape. More details on how Ash will play will be coming in the very near future from Respawn. A new trailer for the new season will be released this Thursday, October 21.