One step forward, two steps back?
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Respawn just released a new patch for Apex Legends today that attempts to fix numerous bugs. The team says that the patch also includes some fixes for client crashes and server disconnects.

Unfortunately, it seems as though the patch may have made things worse for players. Following the update, countless posts on Reddit now say that the game is actually performing worse than prior to the patch being rolled out. Users are complaining about encountering more server disconnects, more crashes, and other issues.

Some of those other issues include the dreaded "slow-mo" bug. This is where the game itself is running at normal framerates, but the gameplay logic is running at severely reduced rates which mimics a slow-mo effect. It's like trying to play with Max Payne's bullet time effect going on at all times, which isn't all that great for a fast-paced battle royale game.

More issues encountered following the update include troubles even connecting to a server in the first place, disappearing HUD elements (namely the mini-map), disappearing teammates, and teams not actually being fully populated (perhaps related to the game crashing for them).

As I was writing this, Respawn pushed another update out. This one is a server-side update that they claim addresses the slow-mo servers and poor performance. No word on the new client crashes and connection issues however.

9/22/2021 Update
  • Fixed a crashing error sometimes caused by equipping animated banner poses
  • Fixed an error with using a Crafting replicator ("PopLockFOV called more often than PushLockFOV")
  • Fixed being unable to hold to swap from an equipped Red Evo armor to a Gold Armor, if Red Evo armor had more health
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed Pathfinder to melee far faster than intended
  • Fixed Pathfinder Emote "Old Bot, New Trick" using the wrong icon
  • Switch: Fixed "Press Left Stick to toggle Zoom" message displaying in the middle of the weapon sight
  • Fixed Bangalore's "Solar Soldier" skin obscuring the screen while ADSing while holding down her tactical ability
  • Misc stability fixes, including fixing some errors that can cause disconnections

  • Fixed being able to regenerate ammo for Sheila by meleeing
  • Fixed players being able to reduce Sheila's bullet spread by crouching
  • Added transition animations for Rampart's heirloom when the weapon is inspected while Rampart is sprinting
  • Stability fixes

Private Matches
  • Fixed players not receiving updated lobby settings when finishing a previous Private Match
  • Fixed an error in Arenas that occurred when attempting to open the map
  • Fixed players not showing up correctly in pre-match Team UI