Just in case you thought they were getting too serious with the reboot.
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Volition and Deep Silver recently revealed their reboot for the Saints Row franchise during Gamescom Opening Night Live. The CG only trailer has been met with some rather mixed reactions from fans, as seen by the 23K dislikes to the just 16K likes on the official video. Hell, VGC even wrote an article about how divided fans are and how Volition "won't back down."

What does Volition do in response? They release a gameplay trailer today that shows that the new game is just as action packed and over the top as always.

The new "Welcome to Santo Ileso" trailer is about seven minutes long and serves as an intro to the reboot. There is plenty of developer insight and a healthy dose of gameplay to check out. There's big helicopter fights, laser guns, explosions, and plenty of weird personalities.

Saints Row seems to have the motto of "keep it strange," so that's a good sign for those looking for that old Saints Row feeling. The new trailer also provides an extended look at the main characters and the foes they'll be facing off against throughout the game. The core group of allies includes Eli the investor, Nina the group's mechanic and getaway driver, and Kevin a hopeful chef that doesn't like shirts.

Foes include the Marshall corporation that uses assassins and futuristic equipment. There are the Panteros, who look like a more traditional gang that attack with melee and heavy weapons. There is also the Idols made up of anarchists that wear flashy helmets that defeat enemies using overwhelming numbers.

To those curious, you will still assume the role of "The Boss" that leads the Saints. You will be able to fully customize your character just as you could in the previous games. It just so happens that the footage Volition has shown off so far has featured a woman by default. The trailer does show off a brief glimpse of the character customization options. And yes, you can still also play as a male with a variety of body type options.

Saints Row is set to be released on February 25, 2022 via the Epic Games Store on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.