This is what happens when you make fans happy.
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EA says that sales of the recently released Mass Effect Legendary Edition were "well above" their expectations. This news came from an investor earnings call on Wednesday.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson said that the release "reignited the passion of fans around the world, driving sales performance well above our expectations."

The company did not share exact sales figures for Mass Effect Legendary Edition. However, we can at least safely say that the peak player count on Steam was around 60,000 players. This is reportedly the second-highest player count on Steam for an EA game, falling behind only the free-to-play Apex Legends. Some estimates suggest sales on Steam for the game range between 500K and 1M units. This doesn't really tell us how sales were done through Origin, third-party retailers, or how the console releases of the game performed either.

During the earnings call, EA noted the success of their multiplayer live service titles, sports titles, and mobile games. These all helped to mostly offset an overall decline of net income for the company. EA saw full game sales drop by 19% compared to last year. As a result, EA says that they will place a bigger focus on live service titles and creating ongoing ecosystems rather than sticking with traditional sales models. Even with that said, EA is still working on some standalone game releases such as the new Dragon Age and the Dead Space remake.

Let's just hope that a balance can be reached that sees fans of both live service titles and standalone game releases existing in harmony.