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Sony just released its first ever major beta update for the PlayStation 5 today. This update adds in new 3D audio for TV speakers, trophy tracking, a bunch of other stuff.

3D audio for TV speakers is interesting in the fact that 3D audio was previously only available for those using headphones. Assuming you are in the beta, this new feature can be enabled through the audio output settings under "Sound" in the settings menu. The PlayStation 5 can actually measure the acoustics of the room using the microphone built in to the DualSense controller. A lot of high-end audio equipment do something similar during initial setup, but it remains to be seen just how good the calibration on this ends up being since the controller microphone isn't exactly of the highest quality.

Trophy tracking is also new in this beta. This will allow players to track up to five trophies per game in the Control Center. To do this, just find the trophy you want to track and click the start tracking button. Sony says that these tracked trophies will be accessible during gameplay via a new pin-to-side option that allows players to see info about the trophies they're tracking without having to wade through multiple menus.

Other changes include a new vertical list of trophies as opposed to the horizontal layout that the system shipped with. The home screen will also see a few changes. For instance, different platform versions (PS4 or PS5) of the same game will appear as separate entries now on the home screen. The library section will now also default to the "Installed" tab at first launch. Players will also be able to access text chats, friend requests, and send messages from the Game Base control menu.

Looking for features like 1440p support or Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) support? You'll have to keep waiting as they are not included in this update.