Get ready for a performance bump on supported cards.
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Nvidia is about to roll out DLSS support to Rust on July 1. This tech, otherwise known as Deep Learning Super Sampling, essentially provides some nice performance gains in games that support it. Of course, you also need the hardware that supports it as well, which means you need either a 20xx series or 30xx series card from Nvidia.

The addition of DLSS support to Rust comes just a few months after the game added in Nvidia Reflex support. This tech is said to reduce input latency, though its benefits probably won't be easily spotted by most players.

Rust isn't the only game that is about to be graced with DLSS support from Nvidia. DLSs is also coming to LEGO Builder's Journey (June 22), DOOM Eternal (June 29), and The Ascent (July 29). Red Dead Redemption 2 is also getting DLSS support though a release date for that one is not yet known.

Also on June 22, Nvidia DLSS support will be added to the Vulkan API for games to use. This will allow Linux users to make use of DLSS if the games support it. This Fall, DLSS supported DirectX titles running via Proton will also be supported on Linux.