Prepare for the Resistance.
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Despite its very rocky start, Generation Zero is still chugging along as is the fresh content for the game. According to most user reviews for the game, Generation Zero made an impressive turn-around since its launch and is quite the decent stealth-action game these days. For those of you who have forgotten, Generation Zero takes place in an alternate-history 1980s Sweden where humanity is fighting for survival against machine monsters.

The game has also just recently surpassed one million copies sold since its release in 2019. To celebrate this milestone, developer Systemic Reaction are offering up a free weekend on Steam for Generation Zero.

To play this free weekend, simply head on over to Steam and download the game right now. You can play through the weekend and if you like what you played you can keep playing by buying the game for 70% off. That brings the total cost of the game down to just $7.49 (USD).

In addition to the sales figures and free weekend news, the studios also shared word about what is coming in Year 3 for the game.

Beyond just a milestone, Year 3 will deliver an exciting new direction for Generation Zero that puts players on the front line of the battle against the machines, with a breadth of new features and content coming throughout 2021. As the game shifts from 1989 to 1990, new threats and world revamps will emerge, as well as the long-awaited introduction of base building. You’ll also be able to engage in home base defense encounters, fighting off waves of enemies to survive. The next major content update, Resistance, will launch for free on PC and consoles on April 27.
The next major content update, Resistance, will be a free release for the game that launches on April 27th. This content joins the already released story expansion of Alpine Unrest and FNIX Rising. You know what? I might just have to try this game out again and see just how much it's improved since launch.