Coming to PlayStation VR.
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Vertigo Games just announced After the Fall today for the PlayStation VR. This is the next game that has been in development from the studio that brought the world Arizona Sunshine. The team has been working to bring the world "the most thrilling VR co-op action FPS" ever made.

Players and friends will be placed in a post-apocalyptic world and must fight for survival. After the Fall is coming to PlayStation VR will full cross-platform multiplayer support for the PC version that is also in development.

While today's announcement is accompanied only by a cinematic trailer, the team does note that a gameplay trailer is coming in the weeks ahead.

Now that you’ve watched the cinematics trailer, we’ll consider your memory refreshed on what snowbreed are – the ferocious, undead creatures that are roaming the frozen remains of an alternate 1980s LA. Though they are undead, they are nothing like the average zombie: snowbreed are terrifying, ferocious monsters that move around in hordes – not unlike a pack of wolves – waiting to strike in big numbers. And while you try to keep your head cool fending off these huge hordes with your friends at your back, you will want to watch (and listen) for the more twisted types; from towering brutes that can instantly flatten you with a strike of their huge ice fist to decapitators that will grab you by the neck to pull you off the ground.