Dust off those VR sets, because it's zombie slaying time again.
Text: Arizona Sunshine 2. Image: A guy and a dog sitting on the hood of a car in the desert as a few zombies shuffle towards them.

On December 7, 2023, Arizona Sunshine 2 will be released by Vertigo Games. This is the follow-up to one of the earlier VR titles released for modern VR hardware, with the original Arizona Sunshine having been released in 2016.

Today's release date announcement comes alongside new "adrenaline-fueled VR gameplay." It's also important to note that like its predecessor, Arizona Sunshine 2 will feature co-op play at launch.

Pre-orders for Arizona Sunshine 2 are live now for PlayStation VR2, Meta Quest, and Steam VR. This one will go for $49.99 (USD) for the Standard Edition or $59.99 for the Deluxe Edition.

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  • Standard Edition: Pre-orders include the Biker Bark Vest, Worker Watch, and Ducky Weapon Charm in-game exclusive bonuses.
  • Deluxe Edition: Available at a 10% pre-order discount. Includes everything in the Standard Edition, plus the Freddy Hands Skin, Doggy Weapon Charm, and Undead Buddy—turning your loyal four-legged friend into an undead killing machine.