This is contrary to what IO said in the past.
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Previously, it was "known" that the levels from both Hitman and Hitman 2 would be able to be imported to Hitman 3. It was said previously by IO Interactive that players would be able to import content from their Steam versions of the first two games to be used in the Epic Games Store exclusive Hitman 3 (affiliate link). This simply meant that for no extra charge you would be able to import the maps from the first two titles into Hitman 3 on EGS.

It turns out, this was not true.

What is true now is that players will need to purchase access packs to play the levels from Hitman and Hitman 2 even if they already own them on Steam. IO Interactive does have a couple of ways to make this a bit more agreeable to fans, but you may not like it still.

First up, you will get the access pack to all of Hitman's levels for free if you pre-order Hitman 3 or purchase it within 10 days of its January 20th release date. If you already own the first Hitman on EGS (affiliate link), be it purchased or obtained for free in the past, you will be able to get this access pack whenever you want.

The problem here lies with Hitman 2, which has never had a release on the Epic Games Store. The only way to get access to these levels is through purchasing an access pack such as the Hitman 2 Standard Access Pass. This includes all of the levels from the base game. There is also a Hitman 2 Gold Access Pass that includes all of the levels from the base game plus the DLC levels. There's also an Expansion Access Pass that only includes the DLC levels.

All of these packs will be available for real money at Hitman 3's launch, but will at least come with an 80% discount for the first two weeks after launch. Yes, you will have to pay more money for content you may already own if you want to import them into Hitman 3.

The only bit of good news here is that your progress from Hitman 2 will carry over to Hitman 3. Just log into your IO Interactive account to make sure you have Hitman 2 tied to your account.