The World of Assassination takes on a whole new life.
Back of a bald man in a suit holding a briefcase in one hand and a gun in the other. He is looking at a map of the world.

Today, Hitman 3 becomes Hitman World of Assassination. This means that one purchase will get you access to Hitman 1, Hitman 2, and Hitman 3 through the existing Access Pass system. This move to Hitman World of Assassination is a free upgrade for all of those that owned Hitman 3 prior.

In addition, a completely new game mode was released today. The mode is called Hitman Freelancer and it is available for free to everyone that owns Hitman World of Assassination.

Freelancer introduces some rogue-like elements into Hitman. Players, as Agent 47, will have to build up their own arsenal of gear. As you progress, Agent 47 will get to improve and customize his hideout. Players will decide what to take on missions from their available items. You are limited in what you can take, so be sure to choose wisely. If you fail, you not only run the risk of failing the series of missions, but you also run the risk of losing some of that new gear you acquired.

In Freelancer, players get to choose what Syndicates they want to go up against. Depending on which Syndicates you choose, you will be going to different locations and seeking out different targets. In some missions, Agent 47 is tasked with carrying out his own investigations and identifying targets in Showdown missions.

The key here, is that HITMAN: Freelancer puts the strategic planning of a mission into the hands of the player. The game mode relies on randomized elements, that are rolled independently of each other. The game mode gives the player all available information, but there’s no guarantee that an objective, for instance, is possible when on the mission. To succeed, it is up to the player to ensure that a payout objective is possible, by bringing the right gear, or choosing the right combination of location, brought gear and objectives.

In that sense HITMAN: Freelancer is very different from the main game – there’s no hand-holding Mission Stories with scripted custom kills, that are always possible. Every iconic takedown in HITMAN: Freelancer is an emergent construct of systemic game mechanics and the foresight and creativity of the player.
Today's changes also include some fixes, gameplay changes, the addition of DLSS 3 support and more.