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A new stash limit of a whopping 1,200 pounds is currently being tested on the Fallout 76 test servers. According to Bethesda, this is a part of what they are calling the "Inventory Update." This is probably great news for long time players that have amassed quite the collection of odds, ends, and crafting materials over the past several months.

Originally, Fallout 76 stashes held a pathetic 400 pounds of gear and items. That was increased to 600 pounds in a patch released in 2018 and then 800 pounds in 2019. This proposed increase to 1,200 pounds would mark the single greatest bump in storage space since the game's launch.

That isn't the only thing currently being tested for Fallout 76 though. Bethesda is looking to add in new tabs for players' Pip-Boys. These tabs would be for armor and consumables, a change that may make sorting through your inventories a tad bit more simple. The studio is also testing out a feature that will give you an expanded view of other players' vending machines.

The PTS for Fallout 76 went live last night on January 7, 2021. Players who own a copy of Fallout 76 through Bethesda.net are welcome to join the PTS to see these changes and improvements for themselves before they make their way to public servers.

Those who do wish to stick to regular servers are also in for a treat. As of last night, there was a double S.C.O.R.E. event that kicked off. From now through January 11 at 12PM (ET), you can earn double S.C.O.R.E. from Daily Challenges.