Updates promised to smooth over a rough launch.
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Brenda Romero, the lead developer on Empire of Sin, says that updates are coming that will address many of the game's outstanding issues. Just launched this week, Empire of Sin is a strategy game somewhat akin to the XCOM games. you control a crime family in 1920s Prohibition-era Chicago. You manage your family, manage your criminal empire, defend your turf, and so on. It's a crime filled management-action game if that makes it more clear to you.

The problem is the game shipped to some rather middling review scores. A number of outlets noted a variety of bugs and an overabundance of systems that often seemed at odds with one another.

According to Brenda Romero, via Twitter, there are plans to address these issues. Though no specifics were provided, she did note that updates focused first on fixes are indeed on the way.

"We are dedicated to making this game as great as it can be and that's why the feedback we have been getting from you is so important to us. Over the upcoming weeks and months, we will be working on delivering patches to improve your experience with the game."
Romero goes on to note that in addition to these fixes, there will be new content coming. However, details on what this new content will include were not provided. You can find out more on Empire of Sin either via Steam or on their website.