Halloween in everything but name.
GWENT Saovine event

Today marks the start of the special Saovine event in GWENT: The Witcher Card Game. This event gives players the opportunity to earn Saovine-themed items across PC, iOS, and Android. This event runs from now through November 3.

Players can earn Treasure Chests by winning matches. Each chest contains a unique in-game item such as: Cardpacks, borders, portraits, player titles, or in-game resources like Ore or Meteorite Powder.

There are also some limited-time offers available via the in-game store.

Players can purchase a customizable neutral leader skin for Shupe the Troll — available as part of a bundle alongside a unique avatar and player title. Moreover, the in-game store will also feature other Saovine-themed ornaments, including a Ghost leader skin for Cleaver. All items will be available until November 3rd.
GWENT: The Witcher Card Game continues to be a free to play and download on PC (via GOG.com or Steam), iOS, and Android.