Just in time for the new phone announcements comes word that GWENT is coming to iOS next month.

CD Projekt RED announced today that GWENT: The Witcher Card Game will be released for iOS devices starting on October 29. Those iOS users that are interested in the game can pre-order the game right now through the AppStore. It will then download immediately upon release when the 29th rolls around.

The pre-order is free, but the full game will include some optional in-app purchases.

The iOS release will have feature parity with the PC release. You will actually be able to share progress and purchases made between the iOS and PC versions if you make use of a GOG account. For those with the biggest and best iOS devices, GWENT will utilize 4K textures to give you only the most crisp card visuals.

iPhones 6S or newer are supported, including the newly announced iPhone 11 lineup.

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is out already for PC, PS4, and XB1.