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Conan Exiles

Just a little heads up for you fans of open worlds, survival, combat, Conan the Barbarian, and dick sliders (except on Xbox): Conan Exiles is having a free weekend on Steam. Actually, it's a bit more than just a free weekend because it has already begun and today is only Thursday. So unless someone changed the definition of "weekend" on me, you're getting at least a whole extra day to try the game out.

The weekend wraps up near the end of the day on Sunday. And yes, there is a discount (60%) on the game during this time in case you want to keep playing after it's no longer free.

Conan Exiles first entered in to Steam Early Access back in 2017. Since then, the game has received a number of free updates that included fixes, and plenty of new content. It now has things like new dungeons, more angry mobs, legendary items, siege weapons, pet leveling, and a revamped combat system. In the past week alone the team added in mounts and mounted combat to the game. You may recall this new feature being teased just a couple of months back.

Speaking of the newly added mounts and mounted combat, we've included some screenshots showing off that new content below.

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