You'll soon be able to ride into battle.
Conan Exiles mounts

Players will soon get one of their most requested features added to Conan Exiles. In December, a free update will be released for the open-world survival game.

This update will allow players to capture and train their own mounts. In addition to this, players will get to experience a new pet leveling system along with mounted combat. That's right, you'll soon be able to charge into a battle with your sword held high like you always wanted to do.

The mount system will be free for everyone, as indicated. However, there will be some paid DLC released alongside this free content update. The Riders of Hyboria will be out for $9.99 (USD) or as part of the game's Year 2 Season Pass. This DLC will include a wider range of mounts and armor to choose from. Funcom does note that while there will be a variety of additional gear, none of it will actually have any sort of gameplay advantage over any of the free content.

This free and paid content will be out in December for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It looks like the game, including both the Complete and Deluxe Editions, are on sale for 50% off on Steam this weekend. If you are at TwitchCon this week, you can see the new riding system for yourself.