Take to the streets in not-Miami.
Need for Speed Heat

Ghost Games, an EA studio, just released the latest Need for Speed game. Need for Speed Heat is out today for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and on Origin for PC. If you were a subscriber to EA Access or Origin Access, you were already able to access the game for a few days now.

If you weren't aware that a new Need for Speed game was coming out, you might be in good company. EA announced the game back in August of this year and really haven't said anything about it again until this week when it was released.

This latest takes players to Palm City, a new open-world environment that is pretty much a stylized, neon 80's era Miami in everything but name. You can choose to earn Bank (money) by taking part in reputable events during the day or build up Rep (also money?) by taking part underground races at night.

Need for Speed Heat includes a lot of car brands and officially licensed cars. The full list can be found here. In addition, this game is the first time you will be able to drive a digital version of the "hybrid-electric performance, Polestar 1." This game also promises players the "deepest customization the series has ever seen." Customization can be applied to both performance and the looks of your car. There's also a character customizer where you can put on licensed clothes from brands like PUMA or Life's a Beach.

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Need for Speed Heat also introduces players to a bright, new urban environment that becomes a dangerous neon playground once the sun sets. Taking inspiration from Miami – a vibrant city with a multicultural blend of music, cool street art and stunning night lights – Palm City is a street-racer’s paradise. Day and night are at the core of progression in Need for Speed Heat. During the day, players race in a series of sanctioned events to build Bank. At night, they must engage in illicit racing to establish themselves and reap extra Rep. When the sun goes down things heat up, but the rewards are there for the fearless.